Why Is a Research Study Necessary?

School buyers are demanding proven solutions; they want to see evidence that your product actually increases student achievement. Moreover, many government funding programs are demanding scientifically-based research to support funded products and services. A research study is an effective solution to enhance product sales and meet federal funding program requirements, boosting your sales and marketing efforts by proving that your product can increase student achievement.
If you are launching a new educational product, a research study can give insight on what works and what doesn't, so that you may quickly revise your product prior to further development and public release, as well as stating proven effectiveness right from the start.
While there is not full agreement on what constitutes scientifically based research, it is widely recognized that the research must be based on experimental and/or quasi-experimental  research that includes both a treatment group (users of the product) and a control group (those not using the product) with a comparison of academic growth over time (pre and post test).  The research should be conducted by an organization other than the provider of the product to provide greater objectivity.  Ideally, multiple studies should be available to support efficacy and the results should ideally be made available in a peer reviewed publication or at a peer-review based conference.