Effectiveness Research and Efficacy Research

Effectiveness Efficacy ResearchWhether you need assistance with program evaluation, product effectiveness, efficacy, market research or assessment validation, SEG can help meet your needs.  We can design a research study or effectiveness study custom designed to fit your budget and your education program, textbook, online tool or other educational or technical product.

The need for scientifically based research has never been greater. The growing role of research in decision making, combined with federal program funding requirements that require scientifically based research support, are two key reasons for this.  At SEG we are able to fill any role you need throughout the process from design through dissemination of results.

SEG psychometricians have a strong background and sincere interest in scientifically based research.  We are experienced in qualitative and quantitative research methods, experimental and quasi-experimental research designs, and value added modeling.

A published quasi-experimental effectiveness study conducted by a third-party independent research company would be a excellent marketing tool for your education products.  You depend on your customers’ confidence in your solution.  For this reason, the research should be conducted by an outside organization that can offer greater objectivity.  A third-party effectiveness study will go a long way toward maintaining that confidence.

Highlights of our work are available on our website at:  http://segmeasurement.com/category/recent-projects/research-projects.  These summaries will provide you with an overview of the many marketing aspects and solutions that an effectiveness study can provide and the types of research SEG Measurement can conduct -- from press releases to informal booth presentations -- from case studies to a full research report. 

Proof of effectiveness and proof of academic gains gives educators evidence required to purchase with Federal funding; proof builds future and current customer confidence with the assurance that they are investing wisely in student success.

Below are examples of just a few of the unique methods our clients are using to spread the word about their successful SEG effectiveness studies which shows increased student learning and academic gains.

SEG conducted a year-long national study of Atomic Learning's Professional Development Program, which includes over 100 online tools.  

One way Atomic Learning obtained full marketing potential from the study was to ask Dr. Scott Elliot, President of SEG Measurement, to announce the study findings at their TCEA Convention booth and they created a video: http://www.segmeasurement.com/content/seg-and-atomic-learning-live-tcea-2012.


  • Kindermusik used their study results to create a "badge of proof" which is highly visible and links to a summary of the study findings:

efficacy effectiveness research study

  • Mentoring Minds made a clickable link to their webinar:


  • John Wiley & Sons published the results of their efficacy study on the back cover of each of their Visualizing Series textbooks:

  effectiveness research efficacy research proof

  • Imagine Learning announced their effectiveness study results in a press release.
  • Tech4Learning annnounced and explained their efficacy study results on Education Talk Radio.  

research study proof academic gains effectiveness research


Give SEG Measurement's efficacy experts a call at:  800-254-7670 ext. 102 or email us at:  info@segmeasurement.com.  We are looking forward to researching the efficacy of your education product.  Let our research team create a measureable difference in your marketing efforts with proof!