About Us

Accurate information is critical to the educational process. Accurate information about student, teacher, and school performance and about program and product product effectiveness are important to effective decision-making.  SEG Measurement was formed to assist organizations in getting the information they need to make effective decisions. From initial program design through to using and interpreting data, SEG can help you meet your needs. 

SEG is a woman-owned, Delaware corporation, conveniently located in New Hope Pennsylvania between New York City and Philadelphia. 

SEG provides advanced assessment solutions for K-12, Higher Education, Credentialing and Employment. We are a full-service organization offering a range of assessment design, development, psychometric, and implementation services. For the past 30 years, our staff has helped more than 50 client organizations develop more than 100 assessments and deliver more than 100 million tests to tens of thousands of K-12 schools, colleges, and credential candidates in all 50 states, and internationally.

SEG provides educational publishers, technology providers, schools, and government education agencies program evaluation and product effectiveness research services to support decision making. SEG can help you design and conduct scientifically-based research, from research design through data analysis and reporting. Our 30 years of evaluation and research experience allows us to meet your research needs within your budget and time requirements.

SEG was recently named to Simba Information's "Who's Who in K-12 Assessment" list and also is an Association of Educational Publisher's Beacon Award Finalist for "Wiley Publishing Visualizing Series Product Effectiveness Research".